Summer Landscaping Update

July 18-22, 2016: Cut and trimmed paths by 49 ave and 207 street. Weeded all beds. Weeded Planters. Watering planters Monday, Wednesday and Friday with fertilizer

Expected to complete Week July 25-29: Cut, trim and weed pathway behind 211st. and 46 Ave. Trim large weeds down in trail systems. Watering planters Monday, Wednesday, Friday.


July 4-8, 2016Cut and trim rest of walkways, weed beds and prune shrubs in walkways. Weed planters. Watering planters Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Completed Week July 11 -15, 2016: Cut and trim 204 street, and Hemmingway from 204 to 199 street. Weeded all entry feature beds. Watering planters Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Expected to complete Week July 18-22: Cut and trim Hemmingway from 204 street to Hardy point, cut and trim Hardy point, and entrance to pond. Weed beds and cut tree suckers, in hardy point. Weed and trim shrubs in island in hardy point.


June 6-10, 2016Cut and trim 3 walkways at 207 street and 48 avenue. Weed all beds. Spray beds for weeds. Watering Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Expected to complete Week June 6-10, 2016: Cut and trim walkway and clearing behind 211 Street and 46 Ave. Spray beds for weeds. Cut and trim hardy point, weed beds, cut suckers from trees. Planters watered Monday Wednesday and Friday with ¼ dose fertilizer.  


May 30-June 3, 2016: Cut and trim 199 street weeded beds and pruned rose bushes along 199 street. Started weeding on east side of 199 street Pond, and entrance feature beds. Watering Tuesday Thursday With Rain on Sunday/ Monday.

Expected work to be completed week of June 6-10, 2016: Cut and trim Hardy point and pathway in to Hemingway Pond. Weed all beds, cut suckers from the trees. Cut and trim where needed on Hemingway and 204 street. Water planters Monday Wednesday and Friday with ¼ dose fertilizer. 

 May 1-15, 2016: Front entry feature beds were cleaned out and weeded. Grass was cut along Hemingway Road and work was started along various pathways.

To be completed week of May 16-20: Finish grass cutting and weeding planter beds along pathways. Work will also begin on planter beds near the 199 Street stormwater pond. This includes weeding, clean-up and pruning of shrubs.

To communicate with the HOA regarding any landscaping issues, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance, maintain and develop The Hamptons to improve value and quality of life for the residents and homeowners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that The Hamptons remains attractive for current and potential homeowners; to establish and maintain close communication with homeowners; to enhance and maintain ponds, walkways, and common spaces; to be fiscally responsible; and to create and maintain a community environment that is visually appealing.

Resources for Homeowners

Below you will find some key resources and information for homeowners.

  • Dues Payment
  • Governance
  • Board of Directors

  How to Pay Your HOA Dues

If you own a home within the HOA Boundaries, you are required to pay HOA fees.

Cheque (Preferred)
Please make cheques payable to "Hamptons South East Edmonton Homeowners Association" and be sure to write the property address on the cheque so that we can apply the payment to the correct account. Mail cheques to:

Esquire Management Group
Suite 200, 12406 - 112 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5M 2S9

Cash payments can be made in-person during regular business hours at the offices of Esquire Management Group, Mon-Fri from 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4:30 p.m. (closed holidays)

Interac e-Transfer
Interac e-Transfers can be accepted through your financial institution, provided the following instructions are followed:
Direct all transfers to Elaine Smith (Accounting Manager)
Send a follow-up e-mail to Elaine Smith (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with
The password for the e-Transfer
Name(s) of all Owners on title
Property address

The HOA has chosen to use Esquire Management to assist with collecting fees and providing support to the Board. All outstanding fees for the current year were due May 31st, so if you have not paid them or you have any questions regarding your fees, please contact the management company immediately. As a homeowner, you cannot “opt out” of the Association fees because there is a registered encumbrance on your property and a legal requirement to pay. The fees collected by the HOA will be used to maintain our neighbourhood and supplement the City of Edmonton‘s services. Until now, the developer has provided some of these services at no cost to the home owners. These fees could include helping to build playgrounds, common fence painting, extra mowing, removal of weeds, or addition of flowers in common areas.

The Association's Bylaws govern how the HOA is operated and managed, including your rights as a homeowner to vote and participate in Annual General Meetings. The architectural guidelines are also very important as they set out requirements for fencing, landscaping, and building materials for all homes in the Hamptons.


View the Bylaws of the Association


View the Architectural Guidelines

  Introducing Your Volunteer Board of Directors

The current directors of the HOA are listed below.

imageRobyn Andrishak

imageJason Murray

imageJennifer Brownridge

imageJames Magilton

imageLori Sorge

imageKeith Spiller

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Homeowners Association? +

    A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a non-profit Society, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing its collective homeowner members, that is established to provide management, supervision and maintenance of various aspects of the subdivision for the benefit and enjoyment of residents and homeowners.
  • How was the HOA established? +

    At the time The Hamptons was developed and subdivided, an encumbrance and restrictive covenant was registered against each land title in favour of the Homeowners Association (HOA). The encumbrance provides the HOA with the right to assess a membership fee so that the HOA can operate and carry out its initiatives. The HOA is an incorporated non-profit Society in the Province of Alberta and is governed by Societies Act.
  • How much are the fees and when are they due? +

    For 2017, the annual dues are $150 for single-family homes (and townhomes) at $75 for multi-family apartment condo units. The amount and payment due date is determined each year by the Board of Directors. The payment deadline for 2017 dues is May 31, 2017.
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